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The Hive

I've been a Resident Evil fan since when RE2 came out in the stores, ages ago and I've seen many places during these years that aimed to be Re sims but somehow failed: you usually went all hype at the sight of nice screenshots and presentation.. only to be teleported in a freebie-filled urban setting with those annoying automatic zoobies and DCS systems that lagged the hell out of every computer, even the NASA ones.

It's been a lot of time since when I last searched for "Resident Evil" in the places directory, until my curiosity got the best of me and I tried again. Luck is on my side and, should I say finally, someone created a VERY beautiful Re sim, even if it's movie-inspired (but hey, the first one wasn't *that* bad.. just a lil bit..) and not directly related to the games.
Fact is, The Hive is a perfect reconstruction of the house and underground facility from the first movie and it's so immersive that I actually got scared while I was wandering in there for the first time.. and I'm not the squishy type.
You start in an alley, just outside what they call "Spencer Mansion", in a town called Arklay..property of Umbrella Inc. (this is *so* comforting XDXD).  The entrance of the sim also gives space to a small gatcha machine (RE-themed, of course) and a few boxes with outfits from the creator's store TRB (here's the flickr page).

The mansion is just a few meters away from the entrance, with an enormous garden/park, filled with statues, alleys, even a cemetary and a fully automated shooting game. Once entered, there's only a few rooms directly copied from the movie and an hidden elevator that takes you to the underground secret train station that connects the upper floors to the real Hive. Everything is under the control of the Red Queen, the same AI that caused all the fuss in the movies.

 The Hive is eerie, filled with empty rooms left in the usual mess that follows a crisis: papers everywhere, half empty coffee mugs, upsidedown chairs and working computers and screens. Walking through these halls knowing noone is there anymore and not knowing what lies behind the next corner or door is... honestly scarier than actually seeing monsters.
For instance, monsters and zombies are usually impersonated by real avatars during rpg sessions ..so if you go there while noone is acting... there's a OMG TERRIFYING atmosphere.
I won't spoil the final rooms for you: just remember this is a game-like sim so you can't just "walk past the doors" but need to find codes and decypher enigmas (not many and honestly very easy as well..).
Also bear in mind that almost *all* of the surfaces in here aren't scripted.. ie you can't just camera zoom and sit on something to ease your trip!

Thanks for creating this place. I am *so* grateful that someone finally created a fully detailed, high res, well textured, impressively accurate  RE location!!!!!!

 TAXI:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pollux/124/135/1998


Halloween 11th year Haunted Mansion and Rides

It's that time of the year again!!! Spooky faces everywhere and pumpkink candies are ready for the Halloween parties and hunts and Second Life becomes a fair of orange, blood, ghosts, candy corns and whatever suits your creepy tastes.
Now, there's a lot, and I really mean A LOT, of sims with spooky themes and they grow even more during these weeks, but some of them get so many reviews that others pass completely unobserved ... yet they deserve an honorable mention. So, this year I won't talk about famous and crowded places but the less known ones.
Starting with this tribute to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion (and yeah, they actually have been rewarded for that) which is quite old and "primmy", but is very detailed and has an impressive work behind it.
You arrive at a landing pad which gives acces to 4 different rides: the Haunted Mansion itself, the Asylum one, some sort of "OMG this is the most dangerous ride ever!!!" and finally a Zombie Massacre one.
I won't spoil the other rides, even if I've seen them all and they're quite enjoyable, so let's head to the Haunted Mansion right away!
The external part is a perfect reproduction of the original one: you even get to wait 70seconds before you can enter.. and it's all scripted in a way that you *must* respect the directions and timings. Just like the real ride, the first two rooms are just a presentation, then you jump onto the "cars" and let them guide you through the haunted palace.
Like I said, this is an old build and it's pretty evident: fact is, the colours, composition and audio tracks are so perfect and so deliciously trash that you will soon forget about meshes and such stupid matters... and just have fun.
This place is a milestone and I hope it'll never close.
Oh and don't forget to take the souvenir pic at the exit ;)  BUWHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHHHH!!

TAXI:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LandOurs/211/39/601


"Silent Hill Roleplay and Exploration sim"

Please, please notice the brackets.
Everytime I see (or someone points me in the direction, like this time) a potential new Silent Hill sim I'm so excited I fall miserably into depression because as soon as I step inside there's everything BUT Silent Hill.

Let's make an urban scene, stick some arcane SH symbol
on the wall and the trick is done!
Aaaand so you would think that after years and years of tries, someone finally managed to build something decent.. and.. no. You're wrong.

When, a lot of years ago, Toluca Lake sim (RIP) got closed, a very big hole was left in my memory and those of all the nice people that used to live there. As time passed, the Silent Hill sim became in order: a beach, an adult sim for sex games, a residential area, another beach park.. and finally got back into the hands of someone that was apparently willing to bring it back to the original vibe.
So wrong.
I'll let piccies speak for me.

Evverybody knows the PIZZA RESTAURANT in Silent Hill. It's a key location.

Apparently, adding some gore-oriented bidimensional ghost should create the perfect silenthillish atmosphere.

Oh god I'm scared. No, seriously, I'm bloody scared: just imagine how long a math interview could be if you had to fill those up. Ah, school days.. lol

The infamous clown of silen.... wait. what?!?!?! *facepalms*

Copyright police!!! I think we have a trouble down here! Someone let RE:Apocashit zombies loose on the set!

So the last thing I had to do was lifting away the only REALLY silenthillish thing that this sim has: windlight preset. And here we come: the same, old, boring, noobie urban-apocalyptic premade city.

Where has fantasy gone? Where has the will to create something unique gone? If you're just aiming to make money and popularity out of some famous franchise, please refrain. I know that the 90% of SL is now made of stupid barbies with more silicone in their heads than stars in the sky, but the few normal peoples left will cringe at the sight of things like this.

TAXI -- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silent%20Hill/195/91/26



Cica Ghost is a well known artist that has been filling the Grid with a lot of marvellous and original installations and a personal favourite. 
When I saw she was working on a new piece I was very curious but never ever expected to find something like this. Prison is the most shockingly beautiful and simple work of art I've ever seen on SL. I fell immediately in love with this place it its complexity, yet simplicity.
The sim is a unique and lonely island in the middle of nowhere. You find yourself in a maze made of iron bars and doors. These doors will open as soon as you come close..there's no actual "prison" in there, yet as soon as you walk in..you'll never want to leave. Because that's the way it works: in the middle of the void, even some iron cells make a comfortable home when the only other option is a complete and dishartening emptyness.
Music also plays an important trick as it drives you even closer to phobia. All you want to do is find the most central cell, as far away from the external as you can, and close yourself in there as if it was the only safe place. Your prison, nonetheless.

Poetry. Pure, amazing, fascinating poetry.
I'm in complete awe.
I've been waiting years to see something this beautiful. And now I'm the happiest avatar ever.

Also, don't forget to check Cica's store here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Appalachian/141/139/3502


Sudare Gami Town

Sudare Gami Town is yet another contemporary japanese town, but one of the funniest I've seen around. As soon as you teleport in, you find yourself in the middle of a chaotic yet beautiful little city, with real mesh people hidden here and there.
Sudare Gami Town hides a lot of pearls, a handful of surprises and unique features that will make you smile to the least.

The sim is very well built, with many different buildings and locations, most of them are mesh and very well texturized.  There's a second sim which acts like another neighborhood of the same town and hosts a few houses for rent. The place is very quiet and nice to stroll in or take some nice pictures (which, as you can see, I couldn't do too well since I'm on a crappy laptotp atm ;_; ) and also, why not?, get some inspiration for your own house or ..whatever!
I've been spending hours in this place, kidnapped by the simple yet fascinating atmosphere. 
Definitely one of my fave recent findings. 
Some parts of the city are still on development, I hope they'll be finished soon, but the choice of "closing" them with signs is pure genious and give this beutiful place even more realism.
A really really must see.

Public restrooms

Docks and fishing boats

the airport

Fair at the temple

The most beautiful and detailed house in the sim.

The whole city

Gas station friends

Twisted Hunt Fall 2015 - QI

Remember remember the first of.. Ok, no. BUT remember that the hardest and funniest hunt (nonetheless, the only one that I actually really enjoy doing since the very first edition) on SL has begun a few days ago and will be up until October the 19th. Sooo you've got almost an entire month to go and catch all those prizes.
And some of them are very good. Some. I still wonder why they keep on accepting newb creators that offer 2006-ish prizes but hey! nevermind!

so, here we go.
TAXI :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Secrets%20of%20Gaia/76/117/23

(also remember to join the ingame group for info and hints)
this is the official site: http://twistedhunt.com/

Midori - an old japanese city

Midori is what you'd call a..typical cntemporary japanese village sim. There's nothing really "new" about this place and you have probably seen a million places like this, while roaming on the grid. What had me stopping for quite some time in this sim is the overall atmosphere and "air" that inhabits the place. 

There's a bunch of typical landmarks, like the shinto temple, the beach, the small alley full of stores and the likes.... but if you stop for a little longer you will notice details. Details like who is the temple dedicated to. Or what is the cook cooking. Or what the children are actually learning at school...

Midori is old, built with the gool ol' prims and all the magic that they used to hide. I find it refreshing, in an epidemic spread of mesh-infinite copy-sims, to see that some people still hae the will and fantasy to create something really original.. and not just an exposition of gatcha prizes.

TAXI : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midori/62/60/26

Night in the alley

Official truck?

OMG should I eat that? xD


Body Language

AO's are something that I never grow tired of looking for, mostly because a good one can give your avatar a completely different style..no matter what you're wearing.
There's been a lot of fuss around some new shops that became famous selling complete sets for a few lindens, while these things usually costs a lot...a real LOT. 
So, when I opened my client and saw the ad for this shop on the splashscreen I decided to go and see what it was all about. The overall place is empty and very atmospheric: it's like falling in the middle of the Valley of Death, with nothing else than a couple of buildings and a few dead plants.
Absolutely stunning.

The real problem comes when you actually enter the shop and take a look at their prices: unless you're a royalty on SL, paying 1700-1800 $L for an AO is not really your thing. I was about to teleport away when I noticed a tent. The roadsign said "OUTLET" so I wandered near it and discovered a HUGE collection of animations and AOs of all kinds, priced 300-350$L . Aaaand that's why I'm still happy I've found the place: go and have a look at the outlet part because it might hold some really good treasures ;)

TAXI : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bon%20Voyage/51/48/253


Off the Wall

 Rachel Breaker is insane, we've known that for years. But everytime I stumble upon some of her works I find myself speechless and fascinated by the scary amount of absolutely nonsense..stuff she can give light to. It's simply ..amazing.
And so is Off the Wall, her sim, which includes shops, games, prizes, challenges, quests and a giant amount of completely crazy things. I'll let some images speak for me.

 Halloween is on the way here as well so there's a special game which you can play: at the entrance you'll be given a special object that..kinda.. reminds of a ghostbuster-under-LSD ghost capturing backpack. And it's pretty easy to guess what's next: just step in, do your businesses and occasionally capture those tiny ethereal creatures: the more you get the better the score, the highest the score the more prizes you can get.

All in all, this place is SO crazy that it feels like an endless dream and it's deadly funny. I've always liked Rachel's way of seeing life (and second life) and still, after all these years, she hasn't changed. YAY!!

TAXI:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Off%20The%20Wall/91/129/33